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09 February 2006


Steve Schier

Your blog is a good one so keep doing it. I agree that both Castro and Batista are probably better than many other bloggers think (Aaron Gleeman, for one example). And you are right that Castillo should definitely be the leadoff batter. Keep up the good work!

Nick N.

The inherent problem with your argument is the Orioles' side of the swap. They already are battling the Nationals for ticket sales in their region and are competing in a divison with three big-market ballclubs. How do you think their fans are going to react when they hear that Miguel Tejada was traded for a mediocre pitcher, an outfielder that is past his prime, and a decent pitching prospect? I don't see how that is an equal swap by any means.

Also, the financial parameters are not realistic. Tejada's salary grows every year, and while, yes, Radke and Hunter will probably come off the books in '07, you're also going to be paying more and more to your young guys. Santana's contract grows each year, Mauer will be needing a long-term contract soon, as will Silva. Having Tejada on the books for four years would give us very little financial flexibility in the foreseeable future.



I can't be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say recently.


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