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14 February 2006


Seth Tiegs

Hey nice article you have just written by Torii Hunter. He is a good player.I hope he re-signs with the Twins after this year because they need him out there i just dont think the young talent they have in the minors are the answer. Plus if they want to have people come to games and fill the seats at the dome they need Torii.


"as a coach made a poor decision on the new hero who only wanted to be able win it for his team and its loyal fans."

A lot of people get down on Gardy for that move of leaving in Nathan...but even as a Gardy-disliker, I will back him up any day on that move. There were no legit options in the pen for that situation, and Nathan was looking great...IMO, the bone head move that costed us the game, was starting Jason Kubel (30-some MLB games) over our best hitter all season long, Lew Ford. What a great game it was, though.


Great post! I have been arguing the same facts for the last couple years about Torii. The intangibles he brings to the club cannot be measured. If you get rid of Torii, you are severing the heart from this franchise. He is and will continue to be my favorite Twins player, because he plays the game the way it was meant to be played.


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