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07 February 2006



nice writeup...
Regarding Radke as the #2 and Silva as the #3. I am sure that they won't, and shouldn't, alter that. For a couple of reasons. First is that Radke is a veteran and has been around for so long. That should mean something. The only way he should lose that is by someone putting up a Cy Young season, and backing that up with an equally good season. That pushed Radke to #2. Second, Radke is a perfect compliment to Santana and a very nice mix between Santana and Silva. He presents something different in the middle, and that is a good thing.

Third, and my main point would be... who cares? Really, If you're in one of the top four spots in a pitching rotation, you're going to throw every fifth game, so it really doesn't matter. Fact is that Radke will likely go against a better pitcher in the other team's rotation than Silva. Radke can probably handle that better yet. And, once you're about a month into the season, it's all mixed up anyway. So really, it's not a big deal at all.

Part of the reason that Morneau is at 1B is because of arm problems, so I don't think a move to 3B of the OF is possible.

Nice work!

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